Our dream to stamp metastatic breast cancer may be nearing to coming true. FDA just approved a new drug for triple negative metastatic breast cancer (TNBC ) that has failed two prior treatments. The drug is sacituzumab. TNBC is an aggressive cancer with few options except chemotherapy. A Trop2 receptor blockade It is an antibody directed to stop Trop2 from allowing cancer growth. Interestingly the FDA approved it a month ahead of its expected time. The ORR ( overall response rate ) was 33.3% median duration of shrinkage of tumor over 7.8 months. Of those that responded 55.6% maintained their response for 6 months and 16.7 % maintained a response for 12 months Low white counts and diarrhea were listed as warnings. Physicians are advices to provide patients with granulocyte stimulating drugs if white cells drop too low or patients develop a fever. Diarrhea is to be managed with fluids and electrolytes pregnant women are not recommended to take this prescription. It appears that the FDA provided priority review to make this drug available quickly to eligible candidates.