There is clearly new data published in The Lancet from the UK clarifying the risk of breast cancer in women who took HRT beyond one year after menopause. Though the risk may appear small, in the Western Countries 6.% of women of average weight will develop breast cancer over 20 years from age 50 years without HRT compared to 8.% taking the Estrogen progesterone combination. Women who are obese are at much greater risk than normal-weight because fat cells produce additional estrogen at menopause. Those who took progesterone only for 10 to 14 days a month had odds of 7.7% while those who took estrogen-only due to having had a hysterectomy had a breast cancer risk of 6.8%  Taking HRT should be a personal deduction based on current information. Past studies that encouraged HRT as protection of bone strength is no longer supported as are the data that HRT protect against Heart attacks or strokes. Stopping HRT does not reverse the risk however any decision to discontinue HRT must be discussed with one’s physician. The study from Oxford confidently mentions that 5% of breast cancers could be related to HRT and tend to be of the Estrogen receptor Positive Type (ER ) responding to Tamoxifen type drugs.