Meet Dr. Gulshan Harjee!  Dr. Harjee has been a Board member of Georgia Breast Cancer for 3 years and adds a wealth of knowledge to our mission of education.  In an interview with Dr. Harjee, she provided the following information.

Why did you join GABCC?

My passion is service and having battled breast cancer fortunately with Health Insurance it became a mission for me to join an Organization that would allow me to advocate for women who were not so fortunate as I am. I was recruited by Sheryl Cherico , our Chairwoman  also a Cancer survivor with similar values .

How has breast cancer affected you?  (ex. Do you know someone, are you a survivor?  Work with patients, etc)

Breast Cancer , I believe has made me more aware of my own mortality , given me hope that I survived and made me much stronger spiritually and I believe I am more compassionate .  I  am paying more attention to what my patients are telling me.  I am more aware that the clock is ticking .

Your occupation?  How long have you worked there?  Tell us a little bit about your job.

I am an Internist and the founder of First Medical Care Inc a State of the Art Primary Care that I was the CEO of for 30 years.  We have received several Awards for patient satisfaction, for Excellence in Care and a Multitude of Award for Humanitarian work.  Being that I am an interested in the whole patient and providing comprehensive care carefully listening, examining and analyzing the person‘s complaint, diagnosing and managing the problem for resolution.   Breast cancer has become a major part of my concern for my patients. I educate them on the need for self breast exam and regular mammograms. Through my Position on a local Hospital Board I was able to bring a Local Philanthropist to invest into an updated Women’s” Center.

What has been your most memorable part of belonging to GABCC?

My involvement with the Pink Ribbon was a truly amazing experience. Through participation as a  GABCC  Board member we received recognition as well as part of the fundraising the event procured . This Annual event brought many survivors and family members as well as bringing awareness of this terrible le disease. None of us survivors are immune to recurrence and metastatic disease

If you would like more information on Dr. Gulshan Harjee, or would like to speak to her, please contact us.