TNBC poses many challenges due to few treatment options and its aggressive nature and poorer prognosis than other Breast Cancer sub types.
A research group out of Singapore targeted TNBC with a modified molecule of Metformin, a drug that is commonly used for Type 2 Diabetes. There is observation and evidence that patients who were on Metformin seemed to have a much lower risk of developing Cancer. Metformin though cheap and readily available can have unwanted side effects.
Additionally, it can be difficult to get enough Cancer treating dosages without experiencing serious side effects. Researchers have taken the task of modifying Metformin and its twin Phenformin and attaching a gold-based molecule that allows these drugs to easily penetrateTNBC cells and 3met is almost 6000 times more anti-cancerstrong. When 3met was injected into breast cancer, growth of cancer was noted to be shrinking in the treated group. This is very encouraging and showing great promise. Stay tuned y’all!