With affordable opportunities for accessing 3D mammograms recently women with Fibrocystic Breast Disease (FCBD) are cautioned against the use of this particular test as a singular screening tool for breast cancer. FCBD is listed as a risk factor for breast cancer.  I am myself a victim of this situation. A yearly mammogram cleared me one June and exactly a year later it showed a whiteout. By the time an ordinary mammogram picks up cancer, it is generally a stage 2 as was mine. Looking back at the film there could have been a suggestion of Cancer to another set of eyes.  However MRI were not routinely indicated then. Recently a study released from University of Pennsylvania showed that a 3D mammogram detected 4 cancers per 1000 women whereas an MRI detected 27 cancers per 1000 women. Mammograms are indeed the best we have but in women with FCBD a 3 D will not suffice.There is legislation in 38 states where women with FCBD must be notified of their condition. The newer abbreviated MRI takes less time than the traditional MRI that can take 40 minutes to complete.   Women must continue to participate in bringing about legislation to positively impact screening in cancer. We are fully aware of a cancer pandemic that is brewing now as screening is paused with the Corona pandemic.

Reference MDLinx11/20